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Dream Garages International_Porsche

The Southern Wisconsin Gearhead Garage

Kelli Billstein

Dream Garages International by Lee Klancher includes stunning garages in the rural backroads of Wisconsin. The dairy farms may not seem exotic, but man, the cars in... continue »

Porsche 911 GT3 RSR

Porsche 911 GT3 RSR

Lara Neel

Be honest, Porsche 911 cars are built for speed. Randy Leffingwell, author of Porsche 911: 50 Years, gives us the skinny on this glowing beauty continue »

Porsche 911 d

Sketching the Porsche 911

Lara Neel

Computer modeling is hard to beat as a tool for vehicle design today. But, you can't really argue with the results of yesteryear's methods. Here... continue »

Galvanized Porsche Body

Zinc, Steel and Rust

Lara Neel

No one wants a rusted-out car body, especially when it starts out as gorgeous as a Porsche. There are many sources of rust: nicks from... continue »

1968 Porsche 911S

Taking Fuel Injection From the Track to the Street

Lara Neel

1968, a turbulent year on the world stage, was also the last year Porsche produced the 1,991cc Typ 901/02 engine. Randy Leffingwell, author of Porsche... continue »

Ferrari 166 MM_feat

A Dozen Red Ones for Valentine's Day

Lara Neel

The All-American Muscle Car continue »

Typ 530 Porsche feat

Leading Up to the Porsche 911

Lara Neel

What Do Curves, Cake, and Coupes Have In Common? They all had a role to play at Porsche, according to Randy Leffingwell, author of Porsche... continue »

The 31,070-Mile Tall Tale

Randy Leffingwell

I have a quote on the wall near the computer on which I write all these books. It comes from Griffith Borgeson, a deservedly well-regarded... continue »


Randy Leffingwell

This is a year for interesting milestones in my career. Motorbooks will publish my newest Porsche history, Porsche 911:50 Years. For this book, I did... continue »

Photo of a 1987 Porsche Turbo from "Porsche 911: 50 Years" by Randy Leffingwell

Car Porn on Steroids

Darwin Holmstrom

Much has been written about what is and what is not pornographic. As he often did, James Joyce cut to the heart of the matter... continue »

My Day as a Docent at The Celebration of Speed

Randy Leffingwell

Once Peter Mullin announced his automotive museum in Oxnard, California, I volunteered for docent duty. Mullin's collection numbers nearly 150 French cars from the Art... continue »

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